Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama/Huckabee Win Iowa

Obama and Huckabee are the winners of the Iowa Caucuses
On the Democratic side, Obama was first with 38%, Edwards came in second with 30% and Hillary Clinton was third with about 29%.
On the Republican side, Huckabee was first (34%), followed by Romney (25%) and Thompson (13%)

Dodd, Biden and Gravel have dropped out of the Democratic race.

The good news is that Hillary Clinton was last. I hope Edwards can keep going and force Hillary out. I can live with Obama and/or Edwards, but the Democrats cannot nominate Hillary Clinton! If they do, they risk losing in 2008.
I prefer Edwards because, next to my first choice Dennis Kucinich, he is the most progressive
See Norman Solomon's Edwards Reconsidered
Edwards First Candidate to Call for Withdrawing ALL Troops from Iraq
Only One Democrat (Edwards) Will End Iraq Occupation

Kucinich alienated many progressive supporters by telling his supporters in the caucuses to make Obama their second choice. Why? There is no reason for progressives to pick Obama over Edwards! Edwards is more progressive on a number of issues. His populist campaign presents the Democratic Party with a real alternative to DLC centrists like Obama & Clinton. Obama is a great speaker, but he is too moderate and he is another "corporatist" like Hillary Clinton.

Those who think Obama is a "progressive" should read this article by Paul Street in Z Magazine:
The Obama Illusion

Both Edwards and Obama gave great speeches, but Edwards did not concede is is going on to New Hampshire. I hope Democrats wake up and support his campaign to fight corporate greed and the growing inequality in American society.

Even though he is a Christo-fascist nutcase, Huckabee should not be underestimated. He talks like a "populist" and is a smooth politician. He won over 40 percent of the black vote in Arkansas. He is downplaying his past comments about gays and winning American "back for Christ" He can appeal to black voters and many low income Christians as well as independents. He would be a greater threat to the Democrats than the other GOP candidates, except possibly John McCain, who I think will make a come back and win the GOP nomination.

Edwards could win a general election against Huckabee by 25%--Compared to Clinton (10%) and Obama (15%)
See Edwards Vs. Huckabee: The Contest Democrats Would Love to See

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