Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK: The Great Liberal

Conservative Republicans love to identify themselves with Ronald Reagan. Why don't more Democrats quote Martin Luther King to defend LIBERALISM??

While most conservatives even give lip service to MLK (though some still hate him and opposed a holiday in his name!), it is important to remember that King led and participated in a progressive movement much broader than civil rights for one race of people. He spoke out against the Vietnam War, he marched with striking workers, he supported the labor movement, he called for CUTTING military spending and drastic increases in social spending, i.e., he exemplified the greatness of LIBERALISM!

If he were alive today, conservatives would label him a weak, anti-American, liberal, commie and probably try to link him to Islamic terrorism!

Dr. Martin Luther King: Why I am Opposed to the Vietnam War

Reclaiming King: Beyong "I Have A Dream"

Brave New Films has a great new Fight the War On Greed video which continues MLK's Liberal Dream

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