Monday, February 19, 2007

Thom Hartmann Coming to (Rescue?) Air America

Hopefully now that Air America has been bought and is coming out of bankruptcy, things will start improving at the progressive/liberal radio network. Conservative critics argue that there is no "market" for liberal radio, but they are wrong, and Thom Hartmann has proved that with the right marketing and station backing, progressive and liberal talk radio can compete against the right-wing big mouths, and even beat them! Thom Hartmann is the best radio talk show in the nation. He has published over a dozen books and is the most knowledgeable person I've heard on the radio. He even invites conservatives, usually libertarians, to discuss issues and he is polite even to them. He is not the scream and yell type, he is a thoughtful, considerate host, and he takes calls for most of his program. He is a great replacement for Al Franken on Air America, and I would argue he is a great improvement that will help Air America build a larger audience. Even thoughtful and intelligent conservatives (there are a few I guess) will like him. He does very well in Seattle and many markets, sometimes beating Rush Limbaugh! (I would love to see those two "debate", but Rush would be no match for Hartmann.) You can hear Thom Hartman on the internet, satellite radio and now Air America (Memphis Progressive Talk 680 AM), weekdays from 11-3 PM I think).

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