Saturday, September 01, 2007

Homophobic Preachers Attack Rep. Steve Cohen

His Behindness, Homophobic bigot "Apostle" Alton R. Williams (World Overcomers)

Rep. Steve Cohen Meets with Black Ministers Over Hate Crime Bill and was viciously attacked by a group of anti-gay, RACIST, bigots. The Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association, a group of 100 black ministers, have been using Cohen's support for the Hate Crime Bill which includes sexual orientation to argue that he cannot represent blacks. "He's not black and he can't represent me," said Rev. Robert Poindexter of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. "Apostle" Alton R. Williams (World Overcomers) said, "The real about getting laws passed that will federally protect gays and lesbians." That is the real issue is not "freedom of speech" or "freedom of religion," it is that these racist bigots do not want a white person representing them and they do not want gays and lesbians to have the same civl rights they have. LaSimba Gray, past of New Sardis Baptist Church, said they were offended by suggestions that the black and gay communities are somehow connected. Well, we are connected, we are human beings and we have suffered as a group from prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. In MLK's words, injustice against any of us is an injustice against all of us. I guess these "ministers" did not understand the MLK's message.

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