Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pathetic Harold Ford jr. Attacks Democratic Base!

The PATHETIC Harold Ford Jr., the new leadere of the "Democratic Leadership Council" (sic), appears on FOX NEWS to bash the Daily Kos Yearly Kos convention, and writes a pathetic column attacking the BASE of the Democratic Party, Our Chance to Capture the Center. The DLC, and yes BILL CLINTON, has almost destroyed the Democratic Party! Here is the record HFJ and the DLC are so proud of: NAFTA (destroying U.S. jobs), "welfare reform" (cutting AFDC for poor women and children), telecommunications act (media consolidation), "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), enshrining discrimination against LGBT Americans into federal law, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (throwing thousands of military people out of the military for being gay), cave in on Health Care (leaving 50 million people without insurance still..), etc. etc. On issue after issue Clinton and the DLC have abandoned the PRINCIPLES of the Democratic Party, their legacy has been to join the Republican Party and the radical right to DESTROY the legacy of FDR and LBJ! And all of HFJ's pandering to the homophobic bigots in TN couldn't get him elected! Wake up Jr.! The BASE of the Democratic Party was at the Daily Kos convention, NOT the DLC convention! The Democratic Presidential candidates didn't even come to your little meeting in NAshville! And your pathetic DLC Democrats have caved in to BUSH over and over, funding the illegal war that the MAJORITY of Americans oppose, and making Bush's illegal wire-tapping of Americans legal! We can only hope the DLC continues to wither and die so we can save the Democratic Party and our democracy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say blog man him so brainwash. him spend too much him time for watch jack bauer tv show.

-who recruit rush limbugh? A. Roger Ailes.
-where roger ailes work? A. Fox news.
-who own the fox tv? A. rupert murdoch.
-Who own william kristol magaizne always never make the profit just the brainwasher for masters in tel aviv? A. rupert murdoch.
-Who with limbaugh when catching him with sex pill coming back from sex slave country? A. Producers of jack bauer fantasy torture tv show.
-who owning network putting out jack bauer tv fantasy torture show? A. Rupert Murdoch.
-Who recruit hannity radio show? A. Rogers Ailes.
-Where work roger ailes? A. Rupert Murdoch.

for this usa media so control and not free. them call it the perversion.

all world knowing him neocon start irak war. him neocon spy for israeli and israeli agent in usa. but usa media afraid mention him word “neocon”. ending up like the imus? This called the terror.

in true usa man having good mutual trading benefit with him muslim for more than 150 years. for 60 years usa and saudi both making the so much money and the good trade relation.

now israeli spy and agent control media making dumbest 20% ameriki thinking must kill all the muslim. this so stupid. this like want kill all catholic because most meth distributor in usa him catholic and mexico. only idiot then to blame all catholic for meth dealer problem in usa.

most ameriki now hating the masters in tel aviv and want regain freedom and independence from foreign domination. this a good sign. soon him braveheart ameriki rising up. this them call a “rising”.

Thursday, August 09, 2007 8:09:00 PM  

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