Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anti-Gay Bigots Boycott the Commercial Appeal

His Great Behindness "Apostle" Alton Williams (see below) and the Memphis City Churches is waging a boycott of the Commercial Appeal because Wendi Thomas has not agreed with their anti-gay, theocratic stupidity.

The Memphis Flyer reports:

Baptist Ministers Propose Boycott of Commercial Appeal

Blogger Thaddeus Mathews is reporting that an alliance of Baptist ministers, led by A.R. Williams of the World Overcomers church (the man who brought us the Statue of Liberty holding a cross) has begun a movement called "Operation Wake-Up Call."
The purpose of the movement is to boycott The Commercial Appeal because it "opposes Christianity."

The group has published a five-page document which it apparently plans to distribute to churches thoughout Memphis. The flier cites in particular CA columnist Wendi Thomas for her "Godless" writing. It seems Wendi has had the temerity to criticize certain preachers and has even quoted Buddha -- which obviously makes her a spawn of Satan. Or something.

In the document posted on Mathews' site, the ministers say they plan to boycott all Scripps-Howard newspapers and their advertisers.

To which we can only say, Jesus H. Christ, Praise Allah, Oy Vey, and Tickle Me, Elmo, these people are a national embarrassment and we're going to renew our subscription to the CA today.

The Memphis Flyer

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