Saturday, January 13, 2007

STOP Harold Ford Jr. from leading the DLC!

Just saw this article in the Commercial Appeal:
Stonewall Democrats Leery of Ford--Gay, lesbian group at odds with possible DLC chair"
Accroding to the article by Bartholomew Sullivan, who didn't contact the Memphis Stonewall Democrats for a reation, the Stonewall Democrats, a group of "homosexual" Democrats expressed "deep concern" at the propsect of former Memphis congressman Harold Ford Jr. chairing the Centrist Democratic Leadership Council.

I've been hearing/reading about the DLC courting HFJ or probably more the reverse, and it seems likely that HFJ will probably be the next leader of the "centrist" Democratic group that is trying to move the Democratic Party to the "center" (i/e. RIGHT). The conservative policies advocated by the DLC fit nicely into HFJ's political strategy to become a U.S. Senator by appealing to the Christian Right, especially the anti-gay ones, by opposing the civil rights of gays and lesbians for political power. It may work in Tennessee.

But I'm glad the National Stonewall Democrats have spoken out in opposition to Harold Ford Jr. leading the DLC. Even the DLC has been somewhat more supporting of LGBT rights than HFJ. As Stonewall Democrat Communications Dir. John Marable points out, even the DLC opposed the anti-gay marriage amendment.

As many of you know, I ran two write-in campaign against HFJ because after he continually crossed party lines to support the GOP and Bush on issue after issue, he broke my camel's back when he LIED to Memphis gay activists by telling us he would oppose the GOP anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment, and then turned around and voted FOR it, being the political coward he is. His campaign for the U.S. Senate was more evidence that HFJ will do or say anything to get elected, he has no principles, and he does not support equality for gays and lesbians, and more important, he does NOT support the separation of church and state! So I have set up a STOP HAROLD FORD JR! Harold Ford Jr. should not be leading ANY Democratic Party organization, perhaps he could go join Joe Lieberman's Party or start a TN for Harold Ford Jr. Party and quit pretending to be a "Democrat".

UPDATE: here's the Press Release by the National Stonewall Democrats:
Stonewall Concerns over Harold Ford Jr.


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