Friday, June 30, 2006

The Beginner's Guide to NSA Detection

The guys over at the Wired Magazine blog have published a way of telling if your internet traffic is being routed to the NSA or not. The process is fairly simple, but interpreting the results is a little more difficult.

  1. Hit the Windows key + R to bring up a command prompt.
  2. Type "Tracert", space, then the name of your email host/ ISP, or website you're reading. For example, "Tracert".
  3. Click here and find out what it means, because I'm not 100% sure that I'm techie enough to understand all of it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

World Overcomers' Statute of Theocracy

The World Overcomers Church erects a $260,000 State of Theocracy!

From Thursday's Commercial Appeal
Church Constructs monument to Christianity in likeness of Lady Liberty
Photo by Hilly Schiffer/The Commercial Appeal

They replaced the torch of freedom with the Cross of Christ and "give me your tired, your poor.." with the Ten Commandments! Screw the tired and the poor!
This is the same church that spends thousands of dollars on full page ads attacking the civil rights of gay people!
"What Would Jesus Do?" Spend $300,000 mocking the State of Liberty and secular constitutional government, or feed a few hundred people?

For What It's Worth

Whew… That’s finally done. Is anyone still out there? Here are the ways I’m leaning in the charter commission races.

Position 1: Horace Jones.
Position 2: Silvia Cox
Position 3: Not sure. I liked Withers until he went off complaining about inspections. James was a cute old guy, but has little chance. Darrel Thomas maybe?
Position 4: I like the idea of having someone from the old charter around which speaks well of Fred Davis. I know Howard Richardson and like him. Buck made a lot of sense even if he is a Republican. I’m still thinking about this one.
Position 5: Mary Wilder. I was inclined towards John Branston before (if for no other reason than that everyone else I know over at the Flyer is cool so he must be cool because of the company.) I didn’t disagree with what he said, but he was lecturing the voters like they were a bit dense. The room was filled mostly with activists and voters who pay a lot of attention to government. Please don’t condescend to them. That really turns me off.
Position 6: Paul Schaffer
Position 7: Doesn’t really matter. Myron Lowery is going to wipe the floor with everyone.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

From Your Artsy Egocrat

For a Future Show...

... we should do an on location segment. We'll take a page from the book of Operation : Yellow Elephant and try to get the U of M College Republicans to sign up.

Let's Hold a Military Recruitment Drive!

If you've seen the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11", you undoubtedly groaned when you watched the section where the Marine recruiters were coming off like a couple of used car salesmen when attempting to sucker kids in the "poor mall" (As they put it) to sign up. Yeah, I'm sure that the Marine Corps has been responsible for many successful music careers, as these guys tried to infer.

One of them, Staff Sergeant Raymond Plouhar, aged 30, was killed Monday in the Anbar province of Iraq.

By all accounts, besides his tote-the-note car salesman tactics demonstrated in the movie, he seems like a heck of a guy. The reason he was working as a recruiter was that he had to take time off from active duty after donating one of his kidneys to an uncle. He leaves behind a wife and two children, ages 5 and 9.

My sympathies go out to his family. I'm certainly not here to gloat over his death.

In fact, I'd say he had a quality rare among advocates of this war--- The testicular fortitude to go off and fight in it. We need more like him.

To quote Paul Begala, "When they attack our patriotism, we should challenge them to sign their kids up for the military: “Since when did the sons and daughters of working people corner the market on patriotism, Senator? If this war is so wonderful, so noble, so vital, why the hell is your son throwing up on his date at Ivy League frat parties?”.

At the very least, it's an interesting question, is is not?

So in honor of Staff Sgt. Plouhan, we need to do some recruitment of our own. We need to find a group of young people that are looking for a way to profess their love of country and happen to think this war is a swell idea.

I know just where to look--- The College Republicans.

Think about it--- They're the right age. They're the same age as the kids at the "poor mall" that the recruiters were willing to dump this war on the laps of. Considering the platform of their party, I'm sure they have weapons training that would be useful in Iraq.

And if that isn't enough, they're easy to spot, as they think the "Support our Troops" bumper sticker they paid a buck for at the convenience store somehow amounts to actual support of the troops.

So let's see if we can do right by our nation. Let's encourage the U of M College Republicans to hold a recruiting drive from within their own ranks. They support their president, they think the war is a swell idea... Then should they not do their part?

Charter Commission Position 1

Sorry that it has taken a while to get this up. Real life has this annoying habit of taking precedence over blogging. I’m going to take the charter commission position by position for all 7 seats. Each candidate only got 2-3 minutes to speak so they didn’t say a lot. I’ll just point out the highlights. Many of them didn’t really say anything except “I’m a Memphian and I’ll listen to you.” So don’t blame me for any vagueness. I have to echo Jackson Baker’s comment in the Flyer though. They weren’t kooks, and they weren’t politicians. They were regular citizens with a genuine concern and interest in the city having good government.

Willie Brooks- He is a native Memphian and U of M graduate. He says that we need to review the current charter and solicit citizen input before making any changes.

Felicia Corbin Johnson- Did not attend.

Joseph Fox- He is on the “Concerned Citizens of Memphis” slate organized John Lunt and company. He brought a massive copy of half of the current charter to show how big the thing is. He’s also a deputy sheriff.

Horace Jones- Native Memphian who graduated from the University of Memphis. He is a CPA who owns a firm in the district. He thinks his accounting background will be useful. He supports term limits, pension reform, voter oversight of an MLGW sell, pension reform, and more oversight of contracts, appointments, and a limit to officials contracting.

Charles Walker- Said Charles is what his mother named him, but Chuck is what his wife changed it to. He has a background in the FBI and as a lawyer. He says he is upbeat for Memphis and wants to work to create “racial harmony.” He supports consolidation and an income (I assume he meant payroll) tax.

Charter Commission Position 2

I would also like to thank the League of Women Voter’s for putting on this very well-attended event. There was standing room only, almost every candidate for that position (and several from other positions) came, and two of our illustrious Flyer writers came, although one was running so I don’t guess he counts.

Bill Boyd- Did not come because he was having surgery.

Silvia Cox- She is a Fed-Ex employee (like nearly 10% of the people who read my blog and about the same percentage of Memphis.) She’s a volunteer for numerous organizations such as the Humane Society, the Orpheum, and St. Jude. She isn’t very political but decided she didn’t want to just vote and complain. She supports term limits, voter oversight of the sell of MLGW, and more contract oversight.

Dean Dayo- He’s a big shot with Leadership Academy, the Coalition for a Better Memphis, and Goals for Memphis. He thinks the commission needs diversity and that it needs a big business perspective which he can provide. He says that he will look at other cities to steal their ideas.

Jack Eaton- He said Memphis used to be called the “City of Good Abode” but not anymore. He supports term limits.

Charter Commission Position 3

Marsha Campbell- Did not attend.

James Daugherty: A cute old man who is deaf as a doornail. He didn’t say his name until over a minute of people shouting out “What’s your name?” He moved to Memphis after he retired and thinks we need term limits.

Darrel Thomas- He’s a biomed guy. He had lunch with a guy who was on the last charter commission in the ‘60’s to learn about it. He wants to hear from the voters about issues such as term limits.

Andrew “Rome” Withers- He’s the son of famous photographer Ernest Withers. He’s also a travel agent and a photographer. He wants a citizen’s committee to get citizens’ input on the charter. He also complained about the money we spend on inspections and said that he wanted to stop that.

Keith Williams- Did not attend.

Sherman Perkins Killimanjaro- Did not attend.

Charles Strong- He had a surrogate speak for him who came late. He thanked everyone running. He’s a business guy who has read the charter and helped to organize the drive to get a charter commission.

Charter Commission Position 4

Fred Davis- On the original charter commission. He served on the first city council under the charter. He also designed the district lines that the council used. He’s running because he feels we need the experience of someone involved with the original charter.

Janis Fullilove- (Who has commented on this blog before) She talked about her experience marching with MLK Jr., being jailed for protests at the U of M, and being a TV and radio host. She said she is opposed to politicians who feel a sense of entitlement.

Johnny Hatcher Jr.- (You may remember him from earlier posts from his county commission run and the ensuing controversy.) He started by thanking everyone. He’s an accountant who runs his own business. He said he wants to ask the voters about term limits, taxes, and elections. He then polled the audience about term limits. Nearly 100% supported them. He also stated the need for a tax on people who work here but don’t live here.

Howard Richardson- He serves on the SCDP executive committee and steering committee with me. He had a surrogate speak about his long involvement with politics. He plans to listen to voters’ desires. He is also on the executive committee of the AFL-CIO locally.

Buck Wellford- He is a native Memphian who served two terms on the county commission as a Republican. He said he must have done something right because both sides were normally mad at him. He’s a lawyer and active with Boy’s Club and other groups. He supports term limits and kept his own promise to be term-limited. He also wants to look at consolidation, openness in government, and ethics.

Stanley Tyler- He came late because he is a maintenance guy and had to work overtime (when it’s this hot air conditioning being out is an emergency). He is the husband of Judge Karen Tyler. He had a shout out for her campaign and can often be seen at events helping her. He supports a payroll tax and term limits.

Charter Commission Position 5

John Branston- Many of you may be familiar for John who writes on city government for the Memphis Flyer. He also writes for the Memphis Magazine, I think. He said that he has sent all his kids to public schools. He also talked about his experiences having talked to city leaders for 25 years. He has looked at the charter and thinks that the first rule is to “first do no harm.” He also talked about the need to make as little change as necessary and to fully explain those changes to the public.

George Brown- He has been a local judge and a member of the school board. He thanked all the candidates for running and said that he intended to keep an open mind about what needed to be changed.

Russell Hensley- He’s a lawyer and a staff city attorney. He has litigated the city charter before and thinks it needs to be as specific and clear as possible.

Larry Henson- He’s a native Memphian who believes our government has become dysfunctional. He supports term limits, a “none-of-the-above” option on ballots, and to protect areas like the river promenade.

Robert Wayne West- He’s a businessman and on the alcohol commission. He’s also a Republican political consultant at times. He wants to get us to work together and avoid unintended consequences with the charter. He supports term limits, ethics reform, and addressing eminent domain.

Mary Wilder- She is an active volunteer and works for MIFA. She’s also the former director of the city’s rape crisis center. She thinks we need to not make changes lightly. She supports term limits, an ethics code, addressing conflicts of interest, and establishing a planning commission.

Charter Commission Position 6

Debra Grundy-Chalmers- She is a minister and native Memphian. She said that she is a new face who is familiar with our uniqueness and thinks integrity is the most important issue.

Rodney Jeffery- He is a native Memphian who says he will listen to the citizens’ desires.

William Mims- Did not attend.

Frank Palumbo- He is a civil engineer and former director of public works for the city.

Paul Schaeffer- He’s the manager of the IBEW union, president of the building trades commission, and Vice President of the AFL-CIO. His children go to public school. He wants to study the charter and listen to voters.

Perry Steele- He is an activist with the campaign slogan: “Enough is enough. I’m fed up. Clean up Memphis.” He wrote Barbara Cooper’s used car law, recently stopped a planned subdivision from being built in his neighborhood, and won a racial unity t-shirt contest.

Reginald Tate- Did not attend.

Patsy Turner- Retired business person. She ran because of the pension issue. She thinks that the city needs to be sought after.

Sharon Webb- She has 14 grandchildren and is a pastor. She says that she is “not a coward.” She has a Master’s degree and two Ph.D.’s. She used to be a quality control officer for the post office which taught her how to work as a team. She talked about three issues. Two of them were ethics and racism. The third I cannot read. I apologize for that, but considering how messily I write, one word out of 13 pages of hastily scratched notes (small pages) ain’t too bad.

Mondell Williams- Did not attend.

CC Position 7 and 2 Late Comers

  1. Jeff Johnston- He’s a native Memphian who was educated here. He is an everyday citizen who will listen to the voters.

  1. Anthony Milton- He married a Southern girl and once you do that you can’t leave. He doesn’t think we need a “Boston Tea Party.” He wants to look at taxes, ethics, contracts, and conflicts of interest.

  1. Jenny Robertson- Did not attend.

  1. Myron Lowery- His son spoke late. He has been on the council for 15 years. He supports term limits, staggered elections, and was one of the few votes against the Fed-Ex Forum. He also gave the audience his home number for questions.

I missed two late comers for District 2 earlier:

  1. Michael Sadler- He played on the Celtics championship team and for the Mavericks. He wants to be a public servant and get the people involved.

  1. John Malmo- He had someone else speak in his place. He helped organize the charter drive because of the pension issue. He is the chairman of Archer-Malmo and was on the parks commission before the city scrapped it. He also called some of the local golf courses “boon-dongles.”

He Wrote a Letter

Yesterday, I sent an email to JB Rabinowitz regarding the withdrawal of Tyson Pratcher from the 9th district race. I identified myself as a pesky blogger, so maybe that's why he hasn't responded yet.

Anyway, here's my letter. Crossposting at the flyblog.

In his announcement, Mr. Pratcher says something that I hope you will clear up for me.

He says, "I encourage others in the race who shares a common vision for the future to join me in a meaningful discussion in the coming weeks about which candidate is in the best position to end the politics of the past, and unite behind that candidate and work with me to help get that man or woman elected."

I feel this is something the voters are supposed to do. It's called a primary and its where we choose the best candidate to go up against the Republican candidate. Is Mr. Pratcher against this basic democratic function, prefering to have party insiders choose what's best for Memphis Democrats? Or am I misreading his statement? Because as a Democratic voter, I was looking forward to a choice, and a competition of ideas and messages this August, not another diktat from the Chuck Schumer wing of the Democratic party.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up in Smoke

The flag burning amendment is dead for now. Good.

Passing that kind of legislation is a black comedy in the making.

Tyson Withdraws

I liked the guy, and I hope he sticks around.

Today, Tyson Pratcher, a Democrat in Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District announced his withdrawal from the race and called on the voices of change to unite behind one candidate.

Statement by Tyson Pratcher follows:

Over six months ago, I left my job at Senator Hillary Clinton's office to return home, for the opportunity to serve the community that made my life possible. I decided to run for this office, because I believed that I was the candidate in this race with the best qualifications to get things done for this great community in Washington.

Over the first few months of my campaign I had the great opportunity to engage people across the great city of Memphis. The one common thread in all of my conversations has been that the voters of this district, regardless of race, religion or age are yearning for a new generation to step forward and assume the mantle of leadership. Their confidence in our government had eroded because of empty promises, racial divisiveness, repeated lapses of ethical judgments and failed policies. The people of Memphis called out for a new generation of leadership that was prepared to restore their hope and confidence in government.

I was not the only new voice in this city who heeded the call of the voters. This race has seen the emergence of no less than 10 new young people running to represent the 9th Congressional District. While the fervor of our collective desires to see this city prosper speaks to how much we all care about the future of this community, the large field has turned into a double-edged sword. My internal polling shows that the vast majority of Memphians want a new generation of leadership. The problem, however, is that there are now so many new voices in the race, we are splitting the vote for change and jeopardizing the realization of such change.

While we have spent our time fighting amongst each other, the old guard has sat on the sidelines, ready to use the strategies of the past to win an election without having a plan for the future. Many political insiders are even suggesting that we will once again see them attempt to divide us based on race to win this election

The immediate question is how to approach their strategy of divide and conquer. Will we stand in the proverbial “circular firing squad” and allow our own personal ambition to make the city miss a pivotal opportunity to go forward? Or will we unite and offer this city one real reform candidate who will articulate a message about the future?

While I believe I am the best voice for change, I cannot and will not allow my personal ambition to threaten our city’s ability to move forward. We must use our energy, not to fight against each other, but to fight to help turn the tide of violence, poverty and school drop-out rates.

To that end, I am withdrawing my candidacy in an effort to ensure that the new generation of leaders is able to bring about the change the people of Memphis want and deserve. I encourage others in the race who shares a common vision for the future to join me in a meaningful discussion in the coming weeks about which candidate is in the best position to end the politics of the past, and unite behind that candidate and work with me to help get that man or woman elected. Together we can work to prevent the perpetuation of failed policies, old grudges and racial divisions that have served to keep this city from the greatness that its people deserve.

My love for this community and drive to help make it better will never fade and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to speak out for change.

Contact Information:

JB Rabinowitz

Tyson Pratcher for Congress

454 North Willett

Memphis, TN 38112

T: 917-407-3144

Warren Buffett Reads My Mind

Several years back I got into a row with a wealthy friend who--to my knowledge--had never held a real job in his life. My friend, who lived off of his family's money and was deep into a number of addictions, was complaining about the dangers of welfare. I lost it and asked, "So what's a freaking trust fund? What makes you different?"

It would appear that Warren Buffett, the worlds second richest man, and I are on the same page.

Like This?

An idea for discussion if it's not exhausted already:

"Harold Ford Jr.: Our one hope to turning the state and Senate blue or Traitor to the Progressive Cause?"

Ann-Marie James at The Medicine Factory, Opening June 30th

I got this from two lovely ladies at The Lantana Projects, a local nonprofit art residency program, and I'd like to thank them for giving me a heads up on what I'm certain will be a great art show. Lantana previously brought us the works of James Clar, whose works with light beautified South Main.

Sarah, Elizabeth, remember how I told you that a lot of journalists (Present company excluded) are lazy and will copy and paste from your press release?

Well, I can only loosely be described as a journalist. But lazy fits me to a t.

Lantana Projects presents Mobile an exhibit of work from Ann-Marie James, current international artist-in-residence, opening June 30 at 6 pm at The Medicine Factory in downtown Memphis. James was selected for the residency in late 2005 by the international review board of Lantana Projects. She arrived June 6 and will be in Memphis until July 2.

Ann-Marie James graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art (London) in 2004 with a degree in Fine Art. She has since begun to establish her practice as a photographer and filmmaker, with works including large-scale photographic installations and video projections.? She has exhibited across Europe, in countries including England, Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain.

This residency with Lantana Projects marks her first visit and exhibition in the United States. Mobile is the culmination of her month spent living in Memphis and her documentation of the Southern landscape.

Click here to visit Ann-Marie James' website and see some of her prior work . I hope people will join me there for what promises to be an interesting evening.

Click here for a Google Map to The Medicine Factory. See? Now you have no excuse for not coming.

Music Lab w/ Gerald Veasley

If anyone here has an HDTV and subscribes to the INHD channel, be on the lookout for a program called "Music Lab". I recorded it on my DVR last night, and it's outstanding (Most of the stuff on that channel is total crap).

On last night's episode, Veasley interviews and jams with Joe Bonamassa. I'd never heard of Bonamassa before this, but the guy shreds in a way we don't hear often enough these days. I have no idea what his albums sound like, but his playing on this show is like a more energetic Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Speaking of Steve Cohen-Ford

In the last couple of weeks, I've received a couple of survey calls asking me about 9th district candidates, who I plan to vote for, and what kind of messages might help to sway my vote. I've answered every question as a proud moonbat liberal.

In both surveys, when asked who I'd likely vote for, I've indicated three possibles, with my choice becoming more concrete the closer we get to the primary and the more I learn about each candidate. One of those choices was Steve Cohen. Strangely, both surveys tested me on phrasing and issue statements attacking Steve Cohen, ignoring my other two choices completely. They also tested phrases and issue statements in favor of one candidate, to see if each snippet of information would sway my vote. The first call was testing for Ed Stanton. The second one was for Nikki Tinker. By the way, I told them that her association with Junior would make me less likely to vote for her, and both candidates' deeply held religious beliefs would certainly make me less likely to vote for them, especially if they flaunt them.

That's my job - skewing the polls in the 9th district race.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Leon Gray/"Progressive" Talk

CROSS POST: Leon Gray/"Progressive Talk 680"/What is a "Progressive"?

I hate to say it, but I'm so glad Leon Gray is no longer on "Progressive Talk" 680 am. He was a very nice person, but sometimes listening to him was almost as frustrating as listening to Mike Flemming on the conservative talk 600 AM. In fact, I doubt many people could tell the difference between them if they listened to them side by side on issues like gay rights, abortion, school prayer, creationism v. evolution, etc.

It was on the issue of gay rights that Leon Gray really dropped the "progressive" ball. I've never heard anyone, conservative or liberal, become so unintelligible on the issue of homosexuality and gay rights as Leon Gray. He clearly had some personal religious hang ups that kept him from being able to fully understand gay issues or defend the civil rights of gays and lesbians. He just couldn't do it, despite some attempts, genuine I think, to learn about and reach out to the gay community.

The main problem for Leon Gray and many in the African-American community is that they do not want to "equate" the civil rights of gays with the civil rights struggle of African-Americans. Granted, there are some differences between blacks and gays. Being black is not the same thing as being gay. BUT, being black is also different from being Jewish, female, poor, buddhist, atheist, ect... All of these groups, including gay people, have been oppressed because of their "differences." Like all social minorities, gay people have been singled out for prejudice and discrimination because of their "difference" from the powerful majority. Leon Gray, and evidently, many African Americans, just cannot see the common theme of oppression of all social minorities

The issue, the basis, of civil rights, is NOT whether people can "choose" to be gay, etc., it is the social oppression of these groups! People can CHOOSE to be Christian fundamentlists or atheists, but they all have CIVIL RIGHTS. I'm tired of having the same old arguments about whether people "choose" to be gay or not.. it is IRRELEVANT! It is a smokescreen to confuse the real issues!

Another problem I see for the Democratic Party (especially in Shelby County) is that a large part of the African-American community is dominated by conservative religious fundamentalist churches and preachers. It is shocking to hear some of the anti-gay, anti-liberal rhetoric coming out of some of these black churches. (Some even take out full page ads in the newspaper attacking gays and lesbians!) The problem is that the predominantly fundamentalist black churches are part of the right-wing Religious Right! They share the same political and social beliefs as the Christian Right in the Republican Party!
How can the Democratic Party defend the separation of church & state, gay rights, abortion rights, etc. when a large part of its "base" is part of the Religious Right??

This is why Howard Dean went on the 700 Club to pander to the anti-gay religious fundamentalists, even "misstating" the Democratic Party platform on the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. This is why Harold Ford Jr. and other Democratic politicians in Tennessee are campaignign AGAINST the civil rights of gays and lesbians, including but not limited to marriage. It is a BIG problem which the Republicans are exploiting very successfully. The Democratic Party must either stand up and defend the principles of equality and social justice, or pander to the bigotry of the Religious Right and the Republican Party.

Back to Progressive Talk 680 AM, my advice is that Progressive Talk 680 AM replace Leon Gray with a REAL PROGRESSIVE. We need someone to take on the Republican and Religious Right. What does it mean to be "liberal" or "progressive"?? Leon Gray accused people like me of being too "intolerant" of different points of view among "progressive" Democrats. I don't think all progressives and liberals should or can agree on 100% of every issue, but there are some basic principles which should define what a "progressive/liberal" viewpoint is on an issue, and here are some very basic ones we SHOULD be able to agree on:

Separation of Church and State! This is NOT a Christian country! Defend the First Paragraph in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! The government should NOT be promoting Christianity, the "Ten Commandments" or creationism in our public schools and institutions! Furthermore, the government cannot limit the reproducitive rights of people based on religious interpretations of scriptures!

Social Justice and Equality. This applies to ALL oppressed groups, including gays, lesbians, transgender people, women, blacks, hispanics, Jews, atheists, buddhists, etc... Civil Rights are for all, not just black people! And civil rights are not based on biological differences that people cannot choose or change! Whether people can choose to be gay, transgender or jewish is NOT the issue! Progressives should support social programs to promote the "social welfare" of its citizens, especially the poor, children, etc. Progressives should support the principle that basic necessities like healthcare, food and housing are a basic human right of all people.

Peace. Progressives and liberals should stand for peace, and oppose war unless absolutely "necessary" to DEFEND the United States. Progressives should oppose wasteful military spending and oppose illegally attacking on invading other countries.

There are a few basic principles "progressives" should agree on and defend.

I Hope Progressive Talk 680 will choose a local radio host who shares these principles. Leon Gray did NOT.

(I'm available on weekends :)

Jim Maynard
Queer Notes

Friday, June 23, 2006

Der Fuhrer or Der Coultergeist?

It's actually more difficult than you think. I got ten right.

Ann or Adolf?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Write-In voting/New Machines

I've been told that the Election Commission has disabled write-in voting on new voting machines.
Is this true?
If it is, legal action needs to be taken to allow people to write-in when they vote!

Jim Maynard,
write-in candidate
U.S. Senate

Who's Waging Class Warfare?


Let's see... the Republicans killed an increase in the minimum wage ($5.15 an hour!), but cut estates taxes on their way to totally elminating what they call the "death tax" on millionaires, and the Economic Policy Institute publishes a study showing that CEOs now earn 262 times the pay of the Average worker... now WHO IS WAGING CLASS WARFARE???!!!

It's time Democrats quit running with their tails between their legs when the fascist republicans accuse them of waging "class warfare" against the rich! It is the other way around! Slaves were not the slave-owners, and workers are not waging class warfare!

Capitalists are waging class warfare!

Oh yeah? I can cross-post, too!!!

In which I proceed to write about the Election Commission and its' problems, John Harvey's work to clean things up, and whether Britney should divorce K-Fed.

Well, maybe not the last part........

UPDATE: What the hell, I had a great comment on that post so I did a follow-up!

Unconditional Surrender

They are the Borg, they don't have a sense of humor.

My first crosspost. I'm very proud.