Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Predictions

For what it's worth, the election will be over in a few hours but I predict:
The Democrats will take the House, but not the Senate
Ford Jr. will Lose
Cohen will win
The Anti-gay Amendment 1 will pass overwhelmingly, thanks to the support of many prominent "Democrats" (Gov. Phil Bredesen, Harold Ford Jr, etal.) (early results show 80% yes!) Bigotry is very popular in TN!
(I had hoped we could keep the margin of defeat lower in Shelby County)

Unlike many "progressive" Democrats, I do not see a major Democratic sweep. I don't see a lot of enthusiasm for the Democratic Party, I see a lot of anger at Republicans (and a lot of it from Republicans unhappy with the GOP leaders in congress who have not been conservative enough!).

The unfortunately political reality is that the U.S. is a conservative country politically. Many of the Democrats who will win will be "moderate conservatives" which will fuel the right-ward drift of the Democratic Party, which is being pulled to the right both within and without.

I think the next two years will be very difficult for the Democratic House. Nancy Pelosi is the answer the the Republican's prayers, and they will demonize her and "San Francisco Liberals" until Hillary is nominated in 2008 and then the party will be over.. so the Dems only have TWO years in the House.
I hate to be a party pooper but,
I predict the GOP will probably win back the House in two years and the White House, because they willl blame the Democrats for all the problems that will come to a head in the next two years: the deficit, etc. Because of Bush's mismanagement the past 6 years, the tax cuts will NOT be renewed so peoples taxes will go UP. The Dems, if they control the House and/or the Senate will be blamed for it all.
The GOP will use Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton (the 2008 Presidential Nominee) to scare the SHIT out of the Christo-Fascist bigots in the South and Mid-West and McCain will win in 2008.
The Democratic Party will split between the conservative corporatists HAROLD FORD JR. wing, and the East/West Coast liberals (Dean/Pelosi) and we will probably have a civil war in the party, and unless there is a major change in the Democratic Party, the conservatives will probably come out in front.

So I am not very optimistic about this election or 2008.

Hopefully the American people will eventually wake up and revolt against this corrupt poltical system and we will have A revolution!

Hey it could happen, Bernie Sanders is the FIRST SOCIALIST SENATOR!
Change the USA, Join Democratic Socialists of America!


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