Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Aftermath: How Dems Can Win Without the South!

The Democrats have "won" the House of Representatives, but (as of 11:30 PM Tuesday), it looks like they will come up three or four seats short of taking the Senate (Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia, Montana).

(Ford has LOST, despite all his attempts to pander to the christo-fascist bigots in Tennessee.)

The pattern is clear now, there is a long overdue geographical reallignment of the Dem and Rep Parties: the Democrats have won several senate seats in the Northeast and Midwest (Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania). The Republicans still dominate the South.

I have been thinking this, and now I found someone who wrote a book who agrees with me: The Democrats should forget the south! No, I don't mean totally give up, but focus on winning the moderate/rockefeller Republicans in the Northeast and midwest, not focus on winning the south. Just as the Republicans became a majority party by winning the South from the Democrats, the Democrats should take the Northeast and Midwest back from the Republicans.

So agrees Thomas Shaffer, author of WHISTLING PAST DIXIE: HOW THE DEMOCRATS CAN WIN WITHOUT THE SOUTH (Simon & Schuster).

You can read his article from In These Times "How Democrats Can Win Without the South"

In order to win the South, the Democrats will have to keep moving to the RIGHT and embrace the christo-fascist theocratic agenda. It's not worth it. The Democrats should be a populist/liberal party and not cave in to the right-wing southern bigots. We should keep working on the South, hopefully they will embrace reason and modernity in the next century, but in the meantime, the Democrats should look North and left.

I'm trying to find a way to move to Vermont so I can have health insurance, a civil union and a SOCIALIST Senator (Bernie Sanders!)

UPDATE: Well I may have blogged too soon, it now looks like Webb may have beat Allen in Virginia by a few thousand votes, but there will be a recount. The Democrat is ahead in Montana and Missouri, so the Democrats have a slim chance of winning the Senate! But we won't know until after the recount in Virginia..will it be 2000 all over again??


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