Friday, October 13, 2006

The Wages of Spin

Jake Ford held a press conference. That's part of the playbook for a politician whose campaign is about to be rocked by scandal; When you find out that the story will be broken by a major media outlet the next day, you hold a press conference as the story goes to press so that it looks like getting the story out there was your idea.

Unfortunately for Jake, his performance at the press conference actually made his performance at the League of Women Voters debate look solid by comparison.

He had mentioned ONE arrest on the Jennings Bernard Show. In the press conference, he admitted that it was more like four, but he sounded less than convincing even when he said that. "I've been arrested, I believe, maybe four times total".

Huh? Has it happened so often that you can't remember? Personally, I've never been arrested, but I would assume that it's a more memorable event in your life than that. I think most law abiding citizens wouldn't have to guess at that one.

He says that the assault arrest was "erroneous". Is he saying that his father didn't recognize the guy that was beating him up? As in "I only thought it was my son that was breaking my ribs. It was actually the one-armed man"?



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