Thursday, October 19, 2006

Voting Ford--- Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

If you ever needed proof that the political world has been turned upside down, this is it. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has posted a response to “blatantly false accusations” that Ford… acted like a Democrat.

To borrow a phrase from my friend Pesky Fly--- I’m shitting you negative. The DSCC, in defending a Democrat, has decided that a wise course of action is to point out just how often he breaks ranks with the Democrats.

My problem isn’t just with his voting record, although that’s deplorable enough. It’s his pathological need to undermine the Democratic Party at every turn.

The Washington Post compiled a list of sixteen key votes in the 109th Congress. Of those sixteen, Harold voted with the Republicans on eight of them. And this page was compiled before his votes on the torture bill and the wiretapping bill. Of eighteen major votes in his most recent term, he voted against us on ten of them.



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