Monday, October 09, 2006

The Gay-Bashing Ford Bros.

It sure seems like Jake and Harold Ford Jr. are in some kind of contest to prove which one can get the most homophobic votes Nov. 7. Harold has been campaigning all over the state attacking gay rights and laughing at the idea of gay marriage with the Joe Bob and Sally May rebel flag wavers across the state, and Jake, being the very macho hetero man HE is (sic), attacks Steve Cohen for supporting queer marriage, but suggesting maybe Cohen is a fag!

Here's the exchange in Sunday's debate as reported by Jackson Baker in the Memphis Flyer:

Ford asserted that Cohen was too “liberal” for the 9th District, citing what he said was the longtime state senator’s support of “gambling” (Cohen is the acknowledged father of the state lottery), “legalized marijuana” (the senator sponsored legislation on behalf of medical marijuana), and “same-sex marriage” (which Cohen denied favoring, saying that he had voted for legislation on behalf of traditional marriage and only opposed constitutional tampering).

The exchanges between Ford and Cohen became ever brisker, with Ford continuing to harp on the same-sex issue and saying that Cohen’s position was "certainly I hope not for personal reasons.."

Here we go again, Harold Ford Jr. played the same gay-bashing card when Cohen ran against him for the Dist. 9 seat several elections ago. It's bad enough that Cohen had to say that he opposes the civil rights of gays to marry, but to still get attacked for being too gay is really pathetic. By the way Jake, I didn’t realize that was you lurking outside the SCDP Exec meeting last Thursday night! Work on firming up that handshake and work on that lisp!

I didn't watch all of the Ford/Corker debate, because I cannot stand to watch HFJr primp around on stage and avoid answering questions directly and continue to say absolutely NOTHING. I still don't know where stands on ANYTHING! He gives new meaning to the phrase "slick willie".

I detest Harold Ford Jr, and I hope there are not enough stupid homophobic bigots to elect his brother Joke!

Cohen still gets my vote, but it will be a blizzard in hades before I vote for Harld Ford Jr.

And JR., is there ANY truth at all to those stories circulating in the gay community about you and a certain adult bookstore near a certain airport??? And now you are quoted on WKNO as saying "I like girls. I can't help it. If that's a bad thing, I'm in trouble." Hmmm.. I ain't touching that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell us about the bookstore!

Sunday, October 15, 2006 10:48:00 AM  

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