Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Winner Is... Willie Herenton.

Mayors Wharton and Herenton held a joint press conference yesterday to endorse State Senator Steve Cohen in the 9th District Congressional race yesterday.

The endorsement was not a huge surprise--- I think most of us expected it.But Herenton scored HUGE in it. You can watch his full comments by clicking here and clicking the video links on the left side of the page.

Some choice excerpts from his words to the media after the press conference:

"How can anybody in their right mind can think that Jake Ford is better qualified to serve this 9th District than Steve Cohen? It makes no sense to me."

"I have nothing against Jake personally, but his qualifications are nowhere appropriate for him to represent the 9th Congressional district when compared to Steve Cohen. I mean, that's real simple."

"I've resented for decades the politics of the Ford family. The family seems to think that they should have a monopoly on all elected positions in this state and this county. I've always rejected that."

Had Harold actually been willing to do what his supporters expect all of us to do (Swallow the distaste and support the duly nominated candidate), yesterday's press conference would barely have caused a ripple.

Instead, he handed Mayor Herenton a knife to plunge repeatedly into the heart of not only his own campaign, but the political fortunes of his entire family.

For once in his long career, Herenton is in a position to make himself the good guy in the story by backing not only the legitimate Democratic nominee, but the only qualified man in the race. With his scathing comments, he drove a wedge between those who support Cohen and those who support Harold Ford Jr.

But here is the most important thing that happened yesterday.



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