Friday, September 08, 2006

Sneak Preview of Bush's 9/11 Speech

He's reserved a few minutes of network TV time for Monday night, and yep, it's been leaked.

Fellow Amerrcans,

Five years ago today, I was reading stories with some kids. Some guy comes up to me and says "Mr. President, we're under attack". It was a real pain in the ass, because we were just coming to the good part of the story. Now, people have been mean to me because I sat and read "My Pet Goat" for a while longer, but them people have it all wrong. It's called "THE Pet Goat". That durn goat eats everything, and it's the funniest damn thing since I said "pull my finger" to Tony Blair's wife during a state dinner.

Anyhoo, on 9/11, or shortly thereafter, I made a solemn promise to my fellow Amerrcans. "Osama bin Laden, wanted dead or alive". I didn't realize at the time that he had been framed by Saddam Hussein. Now, now it looks like Saddam was framed by Mahmoud Ahme... Ahme... You know, that guy in Iran. We're now hearing reports that Fidel Castro's brother might have had something to do with it too.

I'm now in my second presidentiary. Iraq's new president is in his first presidentiary, only he doesn't call it a presidentiary because he's not a presidentiarier. I'm working to secure his promise that both platoons of the new Iraqi military will help us look for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction in Iran, or wherever they may be hiding.

It's very important to remember that even though most of those nineteen hijackers were Saudi, their leader was Saudi, and most of the money behind the terrist group was Saudi, it was an Iraqi operation. Because otherwise, people are going to rise up and toss me into the streets. I'd like to thank Congress for the bipartisan effort to save my tuckus. The efforts of brave and honorable men like Bill First, Duke Cunningham, and Tom DeLay would mean little were they not helped by Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Harold Ford on the other side.

I love you too, Harold.



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