Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Open Letter to Harold Ford Sr.

Open Letter to Harold Ford Sr.

Dear Harold,

The game you walked away from a decade ago is not the same game you walked back into a few weeks ago. One of the most important differences is that the Ford name simply no longer means what it used to. Once upon a time, someone with Jake’s name could have shown up and blown through the primary process (Or for that matter, Joe Jr.).

Between Harold’s voting record alienating many Democrats, John’s indictment for bribery, and the cemetery vote turning out solidly for Ophelia, the name has lost much of its former luster. Being a Ford helps when all other things are equal, but means little when things are as radically unequal as they are in Jake’s race.

I doubt seriously that I have to recount the qualifications of Steve Cohen any more than I have to yet again point out the absolute dearth of qualifications in your son. If Jake wasn’t carrying your DNA, you wouldn’t be voting for him either.

But running him is your prerogative. It’s how you run him that is going to give you trouble, though. If things continue as they are now, you’re going to sink the campaign of Harold Jr. just to help Jake.



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