Monday, September 11, 2006

Halimah Abdullah's Literary Offenses

With all due apologies to Mark Twain for borrowing his title... Given that the subject of this piece writes so badly that even James Fenimore Cooper looks like Bill the Bard by comparison, it seems fitting.

For those who aren't aware, Abdullah the Butcher wrote this in the Political Notebook:

If you can't beat 'em, blog 'em... Former Ninth Congressional District candidate Joe Ford Jr. grew tired of constantly responding to "flames," those personal, derogatory attacks on the Internet.
So he decided to fight cyber with cyber and wade into the flotsam that is local blogosphere punditry through his own site:

"Wade into the flotsam"? Is that what she calls writers that, unlike her, have firm enough a grasp on the English language to know that zoning laws dealing with whether or not adult shops can remain open on Sundays are not "sex crimes"?

Is "flotsam" defined as "people smart enough to know that black candidates playing "smear the Jew" isn't "Race-tinged back and forth between some African-American groups and Cohen"? After all, last time I checked, for it to be "race-tinged back and forth between some African-American groups and Cohen", Cohen would have to have fired back at some point, right? Wouldn't a journalist have been able to establish something like that? Are they not teaching anything about investigative journalism at whatever Clown College taught her to string a sentence together?

This, unfortunately, is the state of political coverage at the Commercial Appeal. Everything political runs across the desk of either this buffoon, or their better-known op/ed columnist that managed to turn a little girl's hairstyle into a six-part series.



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