Friday, September 01, 2006

County Commission

I went to the swearing in ceremony for the county commission today (and don’t worry, I slipped back into class with several minutes to spare.) I’m really excited about the new commission, although if you hope for a more or similarly partisan commission, I don’t think you’re going to be getting it. Most of the speeches were well done and heart-felt with me even laughing at the (highly fertile) Republicans’ speeches. Joyce Avery was practically crying during hers which was rather sweet. I apologize, but after listening to Flinn’s speech, I will have to call him grandma from now on (as his grandchildren do.)

Nothing surprising happened; it is a ceremony after all. Harvey’s speech did have its moments though. He used his speech to praise the “county mayor” Herenton and talk about looking forward to working with him. He also talked about the “strong, independent men” on the commission (Because Henri and the other women are so submissive, I guess.) Finally, he closed with asking us to pray that they don’t “flop” and that he hoped we didn’t end up thinking “why did we elect these idiots.”

Don’t mean to be harsh on the guy, I don’t know much about him and hope he does well. Those lines were just too good to pass up though.


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