Thursday, August 17, 2006


You know, I was reading my friend WTL's magnificent post on universal health care this morning. And when I got down to the comments, in which some tool identifying himself as "Sgtlarry" made the following statements:

Why do you think it is morally ok to steal from me (in the form of taxes) to pay for someone else's health care?

The last time I checked, a few assholes thinking something was good for the country was all it took, Larry.

For example: A few assholes ignored every argument against it and started a war in Iraq. I have to foot my share of the bill for that--- $307.5 billion so far, and thanks to some piss poor planning, there's no end in sight. There are 290 million Americans, so by my count, the federal government owes everyone that disagreed with the war somewhere around $1100. I was going to ask for my check from the government, but since I'm guessing you believe in it, you should pick up my share.



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