Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Race

Mover over Tinker – It’s “Joke time”!

And just when you though things were going to chill out, here we go again. Indeed, temperatures in Memphis are not cooling down and -evidently- hot races in Memphis aren’t either.

The election of Steve Cohen as the Democratic candidate for the 9th Congressional District and the debut of Joke Ford as his opposing independent candidate, have once again ignited the racial debate across the blogosphere. TMB blog has become the main stage of this debate, in which people have forgone all political correctness and decorum in expressing their beliefs and launching corresponding attacks. Blacks are calling whites racists; whites are calling blacks racists; blacks are calling each other racists; yo’mamma is calling yo’ass racist… so on and so forth. There are some motherf@ing SNAKES on this motherf@cking RACE!!

Although the early beginnings of this debate where somewhat engaging, lately, it has acquired that common and predictable tone of W’s press conferences (It’s the terrorists! 9/11!). It’s old, it’s stale, IT’S BORING!!

Granted, racial pandering and demagoguery bring out the high passions and low ethics that make politics somewhat bearable, at least in the entertainment sense. But come on now, can we get a little creative here? Let me elaborate a bit further.



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