Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh, The Irony...

For years now, what has been the overriding argument in favor of progressives supporting Harold Ford Jr?

Surely by now, you know the words to this song. I confess, I've sung it more than a few times myself. We need the Senate back, we need subpoena power, etc. To swipe a phrase from the verbally diarrheic Don Rumsfeld, he's not the candidate we want, he's the candidate we've got.

His supporters have complained for years that progressives walk away when their candidate doesn't win. They complain that progressives go third party when their candidate doesn't win. They "take their marbles and go home" to put it in the parlance I've heard from several Ford devotees.

There's something sickeningly hypocritical about that position, though. The 9th District Congressional Primary didn't go Harold Ford's way so he's... Taking his marbles and going home. Instead of doing as he asks us to do and endorsing the Democratic candidate, he's holding out on his endorsement, ostensibly to help his unqualified younger brother in his third party bid.

This is what he had to say when he met Steve Cohen face to face:

"I can support you, but I won't endorse you."

The great Jackson Baker broke that story a little over a week ago, and Leftwing Cracker wrote a great post about it shortly thereafter.

I wanted to give it a few days. I was hoping that having his hypocrisy and craven duplicity in print might jar Harold into doing the right thing. But I've been patient long enough, and nice for far too long. It's not really in my nature, and gives me the most vicious headaches.



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