Friday, August 11, 2006

Kuhn Wins Chairmanship

Last night Matt Kuhn won the chairmanship over Jay Bailey. The rest of the officers and steering committee were reelected as well. This committee has had its problems, but I for one am getting sick and tired of the whole "the new people are Republicans who don't do anything" narrative. I'll speak for myself for a moment. For the last 2 months, I've been working 5-6 days a week for several Democratic candidates. I've also voted in every single Democratic primary since I turned 18. I've given money to the party on a monthly basis, plus at every fundraiser we've had since I got elected. That's more than the party has gotten from Jay Bailey in the past year in donations. Many other committee members worked equally tirelessly in this past election. Others did not. The work ethic is both impressive and depressing across the factions.

As for how good a job Matt has done, I'll say openly he really needs to be a stronger leader and excercise more control. However, this committee has not been a disgrace as the pissed off commenters claim. For example, the elections were disappointing, but no worse than in years past. We gained control of the county commission for the first time ever and got closer to gaining control of the other offices than we have in years past. As far as fundraising, we're about to hit the $100,000 mark. Not a record, but not a slacking effort either. As far as why we haven't gotten state and federal help for the August elections, these were local elections. The state and federal party have little interest in them. They're paying attention to November.

I have to respond to the comment that Matt's support was weak that is coming from my fellow committeeman Gill. First, he won 33-14. That wasn't very close. How many votes did you get in your races? 3? You love to complain about "non-bona-fide Democrats." Why don't you try working with your fellow Democrats for a change? If you don't like the way the committee is handling things, that's great. The next convention is coming up in March. Change it. Until then, let's all focus on November.


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