Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Joementum Hits the Trifecta

I was looking through the Eyewitness News website this morning, despite the fact that much of their copy reads like something written in a fourth grade grammar class (You can get away with that in a news story that's gone fifteen seconds after it's read--- Not so much with text that stays on a website).

Jay Ambrose of the Scripps Howard News Service wrote what amounts to a sad love song lamenting the loss of "Joementum" last week. It had a good beat, and you could dance to it, but it lacked the depth found in your average Pussycat Dolls song. He described Lieberman as a "good man" who lost "not because of scandal or something badly amiss, but because of integrity, because he put principle above party and his re-election interests."

Lieberman did indeed lose because he put something above party, but certainly not above his re-election interests. In fact, he was playing the same "50% + 1 vote" game that has led the Democratic Party to devastating losses over the last few election cycles. He ignores the Democratic base, seldom throwing them so much as a bone, to pander to a group of swing voters whose existence is as heavily disputed as a recent Iraqi nuclear program (Any similarity to a Tennessee Congressman with a political career alive or dead is purely coincidental.)

He doesn't come out and say that any effort to defeat Lieberman was anti-Semitism--- But why else would he call Cynthia McKinney anti-Semitic in the same piece, and refer to Mel Gibson's Julian Bolton-esque rantings when he was pulled over for drunken driving?

The reason for Ned Lamont's victory over Joementum is really quite simple; The people that Joe Lieberman had ignored during his right wing panderfest are precisely the same people that got to decide his fate last week--- Democratic voters.

The people of Connecticut spoke. In a firm voice, they said "Get the hell out of here, you assclown. If we wanted a Republican, we would have voted Republican."



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