Monday, August 21, 2006


I was looking around at the activity on other blogs over the weekend, and one thing jumped out at me.

Thaddeus Matthews, who had correctly been referring to "Joke Ford" has now started referring to him by his semi-proper name, Jake, and seems to be pushing the absurd idea that "only a black" can represent the 9th District (Which means that Thaddeus was ostensibly against him before he was for him).

So... How well has the 9th District been represented over the last ten years by a black man that votes like a white Republican? The black community supported a Ford over Steve Cohen last time this seat was open--- How well has that worked out?

Did you end up with a strong advocate for African-American issues, or did you end up with a congressman that constantly runs interference for the Bush White House on Iraq?

Did you end up with an advocate for the poor and working class, or did you end up with an advocate for the banking industry that voted for the bankruptcy bill?

The idea that you would be better off represented by a high school dropout who failed to "get over" as a wrestler than by a State Senator with well over two decades of progressive politics in his rear view mirror is absolutely counterproductive.

Unlike Jake Ford, I care enough about the needs of the black community that I don't want to see them shoot themselves in the foot by sending someone to Congress that they simply cannot trust to represent their interests.



Blogger Unlisted said...

The problem is that some would rather have BAD black leadership than to have good non-black leadership.

The race card is an evil thing

Monday, August 21, 2006 12:03:00 PM  

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