Monday, July 24, 2006

Post in Search of a Title

Pesky makes some good points in his comments on my blog. There is a lot of down-right goofy paranoia among a lot of Christians which I’ve been arguing with all week long. For example, the whole prayer in school issue. How people think prayer in school is illegal is beyond me. I merely can’t force a kid to pray as a teacher. A kid can pray how and when he wants in any religious sense. It just can’t be school directed and sanctioned. Now matter how much they think they want “prayer-in-school” the moment we started making Baptist kids say Hail Mary’s, they’d change their minds.

From My Reply to Him:
I do get your point. That's a real frustrating aspect of blogging for me. The topics I would prefer to address would take hours and hours of prep to make them understandable and to really approach what I think. However, I only have about 15 minutes a day for the blogosphere. I'm sure I did miss the mark. I am well-aware, and have often commented on the "Persecuted Christian Syndrome." I more meant that the fire shouldn't be fed by stooping to the same intolerant level that they do. I had just finished talking to someone who was convinced that Christians were the cause of all evil in the world. That got on my nerves. That gets on my nerves when people say it about gays, blacks, or fill in the group of your choice. I also don't think rural white Christian voters are a lost cause for progressives and want us to work to win them over. Maybe I'll find the time to flesh out what I mean to say at some other point. This attempt was most definitely woefully, inadequate, but I have some canvassing to do so I better worry about that later.


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