Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ninth District Revisited

After reading the news and local blogs today, I thought this race was worth revisiting.  You know, what with the seismic shifts brought on by Joe Towns getting out of the race and telling his single digit list of supporters to vote for Julian Bolton.There are some genuinely good people in this race.  Many of them are people that I would personally like to see in office.  In fact, I wouldn’t even rule out seeing them in the 9th District seat.  Someday.  Not today.    When Joe Torre is looking to complete a Yankees lineup, he looks for people that have held a baseball bat before, players that have been standouts when they played in the minor leagues.  He doesn’t pick a neophyte that seems nice and has potential--- He picks seasoned players that he believes have the potential to go on and become even greater.
  • Lee Harris seems great.  I look at him on the issues, and I find myself agreeing with him more often than not.  Let this man get some legislative experience, and you’ve got not only a contender, but a leader in the years and decades to come.  I don’t know what area he lives in now, but I know he grew up in Whitehaven.  There’s an ethically challenged and vulnerable state senator whose district winds through Whitehaven (I’m not 100% sure where the district lines are drawn, but I know this senator’s campaign HQ was in Whitehaven) that I would love to see Mr. Harris replace.  From there, he can build a relationship with constituents, develop a solid reputation that stretches outside his district, and challenge for the seat of his choice from there.

  • Ruben Fort – What the hell are you doing?  Do you even know?  Your best hope was in 2004, when you ran against Harold Ford in the hopes that some half blind old ladies would get the names mixed up and vote for you by accident.  Of course, you were a Republican then.  Far be it from me to suggest crime, but if you rob a bank, you’ll get better face and name recognition.  Maybe strike up a deal with E-Cycle.

  • Marvell Mitchell – Something interesting happens if you click on the “issues” banner of his website.  Where everyone else tells you where they stand on the issues, he asks you to tell him what’s important to the people of the 9th District.  Sorry, but I think you should have a better grasp on the issues by now.  You have yet to tell anyone why they should vote for you.  An elected leader should be responsive to his constituents--- But you’ve not only told us nothing that you stand for, but you’ve led us to believe that you stand for nothing.  Are we to believe you’re going to fly back from DC and put a poll in the field before every vote in the House?

  • Ralph White – I went to his website and found it to be extraordinarily light on the issues.  With what he did talk about, it looked more like he was running for a local office than a federal one. He is, though, a motivational speaker with the “5 Steps to Success” on his website.  So I decided to take his advice.  Step 1 is to evaluate your current position.  My current position is that I don’t have any idea if Ralph White carries heavy enough lumber to be a congressman.  Step 2 is to visualize my desired outcome.  Okay, I would like to know if Ralph White carries heavy enough lumber to be a congressman.  Step 3 is to create a plan for moving from the starting point to the goal.  Okay, that’s why I went to the website.  Step 4 is to take steps and act on my plan.  Okay, I clicked on the issues thing and found more self-help drivel than useful information.  Step 5 is to repeat steps 1-4 if necessary.  Sorry, there are only so many times I can read the Ralph White website in search of something of substance.  Substance on the White website is as elusive as Iraqi WMDs.

  • Bill Whitman – I looked at his website, and I think that on many (Not all--- He and I would have a good argument over a woman’s right to choose) issues, he’s on point.  He falls into the same category as Lee Harris--- Please run for something else.  Get the experience and gravitas that are necessary to stand out in a race like this one.

  • Tyson Pratcher – Before anyone feels the need to tell me, I’m aware that he dropped out.  But he falls into that Lee Harris/ Bill Whitman category.  I want to hear more from you.  But 2006 is not your year.  You play in the minors before the Yankees call you up.

  • Joe “MySpace” Ford.  Uh huh.  Next.

  • Laura Davis-Aaron – Who are you?
And now we come to the candidates that I absolutely loathe.



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