Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Emily...

Carrie Giddins

I can’t begin to fathom what your organization was thinking.

You once seemed to be somewhat selective in the company you kept. The smart women, the women most likely to succeed… It makes one of your recent choices puzzling.

Hooking up with Nikki Tinker, simply put, was a stupid mistake more worthy of a political novice than an organization as (perhaps formerly) respected as Emily’s List. She stands for absolutely nothing that your organization claims to. If she does, then much like every other issue imaginable, she’s lacked the guts to say so.

But--- And this is where your total lack of knowledge of this city and its people really shows--- You joined in on attacking a man that has been magnificently progressive on the issues that are important to women. That decision was so ludicrous that it makes dropping the kids off at Michael Jackson’s house look smart by comparison.

Have you grown so comfortable in your position that you’ve begun to believe that credibility grows on trees? Do you believe it just magically reappears once this campaign is over?



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