Friday, July 14, 2006

Beat the WTL

Every year the CA has a contest to beat the movie critic in Oscar predictions and to beat the sports writers in playoff predictions. Let's do the same for the 9th District primary. The person who does the best will get an incredible prize... (If you think something crappy like an autograph from Memphis' 27th ranked blogger or a cameo appearance on "The 'Cue" an incredible prize at least) So here's the drill, what order will the top five vote getters in the primary come in?

My Predictions:
1. Cohen (He started out with a huge, committed base.)
2. Bolton (name recognition)
(The next three get harder. I could see Tinker, Stanton, Harris, Mitchell, Ford, White and Redwing pulling in there. I would have put Stanton in third a few weeks ago, but I think his campaign has taken a big hit lately. I expect them to all pull single digits or low teens at the very best so they're really hard to predict. )
3. Tinker (Money and ads)
4. Ford (Never count out the name. I've yet to meet him, but from what I hear I might actually like him. Go figure...)
5. From what I've seen Stanton should be ahead of Redwing, Mitchell, and White but I strongly suspect that they have been out there and just not really focusing on my vote. This one's a shot in the dark, but I'll say Redwing. He started earliest and seems to have worked hardest at least at first. That will probably count for a little.

So kick my butt at it. It shouldn't be too hard.


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