Saturday, July 01, 2006

And Now, Cracker-Ford's Judgeship Choices

One by one, slowly I turn, step by step, until...

OK, let's review the CONTESTED Judgeships and make endorsements.

Circuit Judge 2 - Curtis Johnson OR James Russell, you pick it. What, I have to do EVERYTHING for you?
Circuit 6 - Jerry Stokes
Circuit 8 - D'Army Bailey
Chancellor 2 - Arnold Goldin
Chancellor 3 - Karen Tyler
Criminal 1 - PAULA SKAHAN!
Criminal 4 - Carolyn Wade Blackett
Criminal 5 - Dewun R. Settle
Criminal 6 - Latonya Sue Burrow
Criminal 7 - LEE COFFEE!
Criminal 9 - Mark Ward
General Sessions 3 - John Donald
General Sessions 4 - REGINA MORRISON NEWMAN!
General Sessions 5 - Evan Nahmias
General Sessions 7 - Tyrone Paylor
General Sessions 11 - Mischelle Alexander-Best
General Sessions 12 - Gwen Rooks
General Sessions 13 - Terrance Tatum
Juvenile Court Judge - Veronica Coleman-Davis
Probate Court 2 - Donn Southern

OK, I talked to more lawyers than just my own attorney, and that's why I picked who I picked, and your mileage may vary.

The three in ALL CAPS of course, were my initial endorsees, made before I went home to Dixon for the celebration. I do urge you to support these folks, as I sincerely believe these are the best choices.



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