Thursday, June 29, 2006

For What It's Worth

Whew… That’s finally done. Is anyone still out there? Here are the ways I’m leaning in the charter commission races.

Position 1: Horace Jones.
Position 2: Silvia Cox
Position 3: Not sure. I liked Withers until he went off complaining about inspections. James was a cute old guy, but has little chance. Darrel Thomas maybe?
Position 4: I like the idea of having someone from the old charter around which speaks well of Fred Davis. I know Howard Richardson and like him. Buck made a lot of sense even if he is a Republican. I’m still thinking about this one.
Position 5: Mary Wilder. I was inclined towards John Branston before (if for no other reason than that everyone else I know over at the Flyer is cool so he must be cool because of the company.) I didn’t disagree with what he said, but he was lecturing the voters like they were a bit dense. The room was filled mostly with activists and voters who pay a lot of attention to government. Please don’t condescend to them. That really turns me off.
Position 6: Paul Schaffer
Position 7: Doesn’t really matter. Myron Lowery is going to wipe the floor with everyone.


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