Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charter Commission Position 6

Debra Grundy-Chalmers- She is a minister and native Memphian. She said that she is a new face who is familiar with our uniqueness and thinks integrity is the most important issue.

Rodney Jeffery- He is a native Memphian who says he will listen to the citizens’ desires.

William Mims- Did not attend.

Frank Palumbo- He is a civil engineer and former director of public works for the city.

Paul Schaeffer- He’s the manager of the IBEW union, president of the building trades commission, and Vice President of the AFL-CIO. His children go to public school. He wants to study the charter and listen to voters.

Perry Steele- He is an activist with the campaign slogan: “Enough is enough. I’m fed up. Clean up Memphis.” He wrote Barbara Cooper’s used car law, recently stopped a planned subdivision from being built in his neighborhood, and won a racial unity t-shirt contest.

Reginald Tate- Did not attend.

Patsy Turner- Retired business person. She ran because of the pension issue. She thinks that the city needs to be sought after.

Sharon Webb- She has 14 grandchildren and is a pastor. She says that she is “not a coward.” She has a Master’s degree and two Ph.D.’s. She used to be a quality control officer for the post office which taught her how to work as a team. She talked about three issues. Two of them were ethics and racism. The third I cannot read. I apologize for that, but considering how messily I write, one word out of 13 pages of hastily scratched notes (small pages) ain’t too bad.

Mondell Williams- Did not attend.


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