Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charter Commission Position 4

Fred Davis- On the original charter commission. He served on the first city council under the charter. He also designed the district lines that the council used. He’s running because he feels we need the experience of someone involved with the original charter.

Janis Fullilove- (Who has commented on this blog before) She talked about her experience marching with MLK Jr., being jailed for protests at the U of M, and being a TV and radio host. She said she is opposed to politicians who feel a sense of entitlement.

Johnny Hatcher Jr.- (You may remember him from earlier posts from his county commission run and the ensuing controversy.) He started by thanking everyone. He’s an accountant who runs his own business. He said he wants to ask the voters about term limits, taxes, and elections. He then polled the audience about term limits. Nearly 100% supported them. He also stated the need for a tax on people who work here but don’t live here.

Howard Richardson- He serves on the SCDP executive committee and steering committee with me. He had a surrogate speak about his long involvement with politics. He plans to listen to voters’ desires. He is also on the executive committee of the AFL-CIO locally.

Buck Wellford- He is a native Memphian who served two terms on the county commission as a Republican. He said he must have done something right because both sides were normally mad at him. He’s a lawyer and active with Boy’s Club and other groups. He supports term limits and kept his own promise to be term-limited. He also wants to look at consolidation, openness in government, and ethics.

Stanley Tyler- He came late because he is a maintenance guy and had to work overtime (when it’s this hot air conditioning being out is an emergency). He is the husband of Judge Karen Tyler. He had a shout out for her campaign and can often be seen at events helping her. He supports a payroll tax and term limits.


Blogger Wintermute said...

After Beale Street was torn up in 1968, I went to talk to Fred Davis about preserving what was left to restore as a historic district. I believe he carried that ball early on. He is a gentleman.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 2:44:00 PM  

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