Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charter Commission Position 3

Marsha Campbell- Did not attend.

James Daugherty: A cute old man who is deaf as a doornail. He didn’t say his name until over a minute of people shouting out “What’s your name?” He moved to Memphis after he retired and thinks we need term limits.

Darrel Thomas- He’s a biomed guy. He had lunch with a guy who was on the last charter commission in the ‘60’s to learn about it. He wants to hear from the voters about issues such as term limits.

Andrew “Rome” Withers- He’s the son of famous photographer Ernest Withers. He’s also a travel agent and a photographer. He wants a citizen’s committee to get citizens’ input on the charter. He also complained about the money we spend on inspections and said that he wanted to stop that.

Keith Williams- Did not attend.

Sherman Perkins Killimanjaro- Did not attend.

Charles Strong- He had a surrogate speak for him who came late. He thanked everyone running. He’s a business guy who has read the charter and helped to organize the drive to get a charter commission.


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