Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charter Commission Position 2

I would also like to thank the League of Women Voter’s for putting on this very well-attended event. There was standing room only, almost every candidate for that position (and several from other positions) came, and two of our illustrious Flyer writers came, although one was running so I don’t guess he counts.

Bill Boyd- Did not come because he was having surgery.

Silvia Cox- She is a Fed-Ex employee (like nearly 10% of the people who read my blog and about the same percentage of Memphis.) She’s a volunteer for numerous organizations such as the Humane Society, the Orpheum, and St. Jude. She isn’t very political but decided she didn’t want to just vote and complain. She supports term limits, voter oversight of the sell of MLGW, and more contract oversight.

Dean Dayo- He’s a big shot with Leadership Academy, the Coalition for a Better Memphis, and Goals for Memphis. He thinks the commission needs diversity and that it needs a big business perspective which he can provide. He says that he will look at other cities to steal their ideas.

Jack Eaton- He said Memphis used to be called the “City of Good Abode” but not anymore. He supports term limits.


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