Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charter Commission Position 1

Sorry that it has taken a while to get this up. Real life has this annoying habit of taking precedence over blogging. I’m going to take the charter commission position by position for all 7 seats. Each candidate only got 2-3 minutes to speak so they didn’t say a lot. I’ll just point out the highlights. Many of them didn’t really say anything except “I’m a Memphian and I’ll listen to you.” So don’t blame me for any vagueness. I have to echo Jackson Baker’s comment in the Flyer though. They weren’t kooks, and they weren’t politicians. They were regular citizens with a genuine concern and interest in the city having good government.

Willie Brooks- He is a native Memphian and U of M graduate. He says that we need to review the current charter and solicit citizen input before making any changes.

Felicia Corbin Johnson- Did not attend.

Joseph Fox- He is on the “Concerned Citizens of Memphis” slate organized John Lunt and company. He brought a massive copy of half of the current charter to show how big the thing is. He’s also a deputy sheriff.

Horace Jones- Native Memphian who graduated from the University of Memphis. He is a CPA who owns a firm in the district. He thinks his accounting background will be useful. He supports term limits, pension reform, voter oversight of an MLGW sell, pension reform, and more oversight of contracts, appointments, and a limit to officials contracting.

Charles Walker- Said Charles is what his mother named him, but Chuck is what his wife changed it to. He has a background in the FBI and as a lawyer. He says he is upbeat for Memphis and wants to work to create “racial harmony.” He supports consolidation and an income (I assume he meant payroll) tax.


Blogger Wintermute said...

Horace Jones sounds good.

I still think we need to do a massive pre-Aug. 3 straw poll of bloggers and follow it up with a results site with info. I bet it gets a squib or two in the MSM and gets us more access and cooperation in future.

Pre-straw poll, we know how to do email inquiries and discussion. We could do it in full view of the public on The Cue. Even post recorded phone-in statements from candidates.

This, gents, more than punditry at this stage, is what will benefit the public and incidentally increase our clout and motivation.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 1:58:00 PM  

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