Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CC Position 7 and 2 Late Comers

  1. Jeff Johnston- He’s a native Memphian who was educated here. He is an everyday citizen who will listen to the voters.

  1. Anthony Milton- He married a Southern girl and once you do that you can’t leave. He doesn’t think we need a “Boston Tea Party.” He wants to look at taxes, ethics, contracts, and conflicts of interest.

  1. Jenny Robertson- Did not attend.

  1. Myron Lowery- His son spoke late. He has been on the council for 15 years. He supports term limits, staggered elections, and was one of the few votes against the Fed-Ex Forum. He also gave the audience his home number for questions.

I missed two late comers for District 2 earlier:

  1. Michael Sadler- He played on the Celtics championship team and for the Mavericks. He wants to be a public servant and get the people involved.

  1. John Malmo- He had someone else speak in his place. He helped organize the charter drive because of the pension issue. He is the chairman of Archer-Malmo and was on the parks commission before the city scrapped it. He also called some of the local golf courses “boon-dongles.”


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